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What is the pair?
  • The pair is OSI/WAVAX
How much for one node?
  • 1 Farmer node - 20 $OSI
  • 1 Soldier node - 90 $OSI
  • 1 Noble node - 376 $OSI
  • 1 Pharaoh node - 1,680 $OSI
Is there a limit to how many nodes you can have?
  • Yes, currently this is set to total 15 nodes per wallet. To access more nodes, NFTs can be purchased which provide further rewards.
What is the reward rate?
  • The reward rate varies depending on the node you own, from 180 days down to around 120 until initial investment returned (based on on launch price, so if we do a 2x it's 2 times as quick).
How does the protocol afford to pay out rewards?
  • Initially, we have a wallet dedicated to rewards and then using the 23% tax we have set 13% of that is sent to the rewards wallet, on compounding there is a 4% tax: 2% to development and 2% to rewards wallet.
  • We will reveal the new schemes in due course.
What are the maintenance fees?
  • We do not charge a maintenance or hosting fee. The community will decide if we implement this in the future.
Where can I buy tokens?
  • You can buy our tokens via the Trader Joe DEX
  • See How to Buy $OSIRIS for more information.
Where do I create a node?
  • You can create a node via the dApp on our website.
How many tokens does the team get?
  • The team has an allocation of 16.67%, with a linear unlock after 4 months. Team tokens will be not be sold, they will have an option to re-invest into nodes. See tokenomics