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Osiris Nodes

Let's talk nodes.

This novel concept called "nodes" essentially allow investors to lock their tokens in exchange for perpetual yield through a virtual DaaS (DeFi-as-a-service) or real nodes (NaaS, Node-as-a-Service). Most of the nodes we found offer a fixed yield which mostly varies from 1%-4% per day.
That's where we're different..
The rewards will be distributed in a way that when the project's token value rises, you earn your initial back much quicker. For e.g. when the project does a 2 or 3x, you then earn your initial back 2/3 times as quick.
We will also bring passive income to our holders through other means, such as grouped staking. Innovative new features will help expose holders to various protocols without to even having to deal with it. No network fees, swapping, bridging, staking or bonding are required.
Unlike many other Node projects, OSIRIS will have four tiers of nodes: Farmer, Soldier, Noble and Pharoah. This will ensure all investors have the opportunity to maximise their yield potential, based on their level of investment. The minimum to create each node type is:
  1. 1.
    Farmer - 20 $OSI / node
  2. 2.
    Soldier - 90 $OSI / node
  3. 3.
    Noble - 376 $OSI / node
  4. 4.
    Pharaoh - 1680 $OSI / node
The number of nodes one can own will be capped to 15 per wallet. NFTs will be made available to own more and therefore earn more. Number of nodes will also contribute to voting power and governance of the project The more nodes you stake = the higher significance your vote would carry. For e.g. we will hold a vote for assets the project would invest in and future roadmap. We want our community and investors to be feel like shareholders.
One of the main benefits with our nodes is that the compounding fee is significantly cheaper than claiming your rewards. We do this as a way of incentivising longevity as well as making it overall cheaper for holders to build up there portfolio of Osiris nodes.