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Q1 2022 — Launch phase
Launch of the website and social medias
Contract rollout
CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko submissions
First marketing campaign (with selected influencers and Twitter Ads)
Community development, aiming for 10K holders at least
Infrastructure development
Q2 2022 — Growth Phase
Campaign push with Selected influencers
Media coverage & PR
TikTok, Instagram and Facebook ads
Adding additional low and high-risk protocols for yield farming and staking
Community vote on partners and sponsors
Smart contracts audit
NFT announcement
Q3 & Q4 2022 — Utility Phase
Implementation of the DAO/voting mechanism for the community
Small and/or mid-size CEX listing
Release NFT collection and Metaverse details.
Aiming for 100K holders
Research on how to make OSIRIS yield farming and staking more autonomous
Attempting for top tier CEX listing
This roadmap is not exhaustive and can be subject to changes at any time. We will make sure our community is aware of any change made to this roadmap