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The Solution

We a have developed a flawless community focused protocol built around sustainability and transparency running on Avalanche network (low fees, super fast, reliable).
From the beginning we have focused on sustainable high-yield investments, such as Partisia nodes, Fantom nodes, and are looking into more speculative investments such as start up Web3 projects. For transparency purposes all of the investments are on chain and can be observed by the community.
We developed a State of the Art Burn System
Osiris has a unqiue burn mechanism used to maintain stable price action within our ecosystem. With every purchase of a node, 20% of the tokens are burned, 60% are sent to the rewards wallet and 20% goes to development and operations.
Liquidity is reserved for yield farming and the other avenues used to supply rewards. Other avenues are things such as validator nodes, private investing.
Micro sells triggered from the rewards usually cause small dumps in price. This will be combated by our buy and burn mechanism. We also have a randomised date to burn liquidity and buy back more $OSI tokens which will prevent pump and dumpers from taking advantage of our mechanism. Pretty cool, right?
Additionally, private investments will be liquidated through a market maker to purchase and burn more tokens, ultimately leading to more sustainable rewards.
Gamification & NFTs
We devised a unique and innovative way of creating more value for holders by being able to barter and trade nodes on an open market unlike any other competitor through ERC721 (NFT’s). Osiris will be airdropping rare nfts to holders depending on tiers and how long the nodes have been staked for.
Down the line (see roadmap), we will be adding utility to the NFTs within the Metaverse and Web3 ecosystem.
The community is at the heart of every decision we make, and always will be. We vow to be constantly engaged with our community through our social media channels: discord twitter and telegram. Of course we will be holding frequent AMAs and pivot in the way of longevity and sustainability.
This list is not exhaustive. More innovative solutions will be revealed as the project develops!