• Initial total supply is 600,000 tokens
  • Private sale: 200,000 (locked for 1 month)
  • Public sale: 150,000
  • Rewards: 100,000
  • Team: 100,000 (locked for 3 months, linear unlock)
  • Reserve/Development: 50,000
  • Market cap on launch: $1,662,500 ($6.65 per token)
  • Circuating supply on launch: 250,000
  • Liquidity: $332,500 (locked)



Price of Nodes at private sale

As the token price rises in value, the time taken for ROI will fall significantly.
ROI (days)
1 ) Farmer
2) Soldier
3) Noble
4) Pharaoh
The burn mechanism makes the supply decrease with every transaction making the token more scarce and increasing the demand with every transaction made. A portion of the supply is reserved for rewards and development. The Nodes will have 4 tiers, each tier has a set amount of daily rewards with tier 1 being the lowest and tier 4 giving the most rewards daily. Wallets are subject to daily limits on selling as a measure to protect the token and its holders, this will increase the longevity and sustainability.
Tax: The on buying and selling is 23%, this tax is set to maintain the rewards and development of the project. These taxes will be reduced over time and can see our roadmap for timelines on the reduction of these taxes. The breakdown of the tax is as follows: 13% goes directly to the rewards wallet to sustain the rewards system. 6% is sent to the development and operations wallet to fund further development and make improvements and introduce more features, you can refer to our roadmap to see some of these features. 4% is burned and will help stablise the price of the token by decreasing the supply as rewards enter the supply, this work by keeping the supply and demand at a steady rate.
Variable taxation based on selling volume. Our UNIQUE tax system will increase or decrease the sell tax depending on the sell pressure. This encourages people to buy during periods of selling to maintain the value of the token, and prevents large sell offs. We have developed this system, which works similar to an order book, whereby large periods of selling will replenish the rewards wallet more.
For e.g: If the ratio of people buy and selling is 50:50, tax will be standard. If selling:buying increases to 60:40, this initiates the variable tax at 5% higher on sells, and 5% lower on buys. If the ratio is 65:35, the sell tax will be 7% higher on sells, and 6% lower on buys. The tax on buys falls less to prevent tax manipulation, but incentivises buying/compounding. This variable tax will remain for 1 hour after the buy and sell ratio returns to 50:50.
Therefore, every 5% added to selling pressure after the variable tax is engaged will add a further 2% on the tax. So if 90% of people selling and 10% of people buying. the selling tax would be increased by a total of 17% = 40% tax on selling.
Compounding: Compounding will be exempt from the 23% tax. Compounding will have a tax of 4% that is broken into 2 parts: 2% is burned & 2% sent to the rewards wallet.
Compounding will have benefits in the way of increased rewards if you compound for 30 days you will be given a 1.5x on your rewards for the following month if you continue to compound for that month also.
The 1.5x on rewards can be done again after your completion of the total 60-day compound.
Staking/auto-compound: This feature will be implemented in the DAPP where you can stake/auto-compound your rewards for a 6 month period with this feature you will receive rewards at 2x, which requires a lock in period of 6 months.
Always check for updates. Information on this page is subject to change as the project develops. Please always refer to the latest information.