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1.2 Update - NEW Variable Tax System CONFIRMED

Release Date: March 16, 2022
Our Developers have been working hard, and analysing 10s of Node projects over the last 14 days, to ensure we do not have the same issues. Many issues have been identified, however the most important is mitigating the sell pressure. To do this, we introduce the variable tax system.
Our UNIQUE tax system will increase or decrease the sell tax depending on the sell pressure. This encourages people to buy during periods of selling to maintain the value of the token, and prevents large sell offs. We have developed this system, which works similar to an order book, whereby large periods of selling will replenish the rewards wallet more.
For e.g: If the ratio of people buy and selling is 50:50, tax will be standard. If selling:buying increases to 60:40, this initiates the variable tax at 5% higher on sells, and 5% lower on buys. If the ratio is 65:35, the sell tax will be 7% higher on sells, and 6% lower on buys. The tax on buys falls less to prevent tax manipulation, but incentivises buying/compounding. This variable tax will remain for 1 hour after the buy and sell ratio returns to 50:50.
Therefore, every 5% added to selling pressure after the variable tax is engaged will add a further 2% on the tax. So if 90% of people selling and 10% of people buying. the selling tax would be increased by a total of 17% = 40% tax on selling.
Please send a ticket in Discord, if you have any queries.

1.1 Update - Discord is OPEN

Release Date: March 10, 2022
We are excited to have opened our community Discord today. The build up to this new project has been supported through twitter and telegram thus far. We have welcomed over 1000 members in the first 24 hours, and run a series of giveaways to show our gratitude to the Osiris Community.
OSIRIS Protocol will continue to engage with the community to ensure the project is flawless before launch. We have received numerous excellent suggestions which the team are discussing to adapt, and incorporate the community's ideas.
So far, we have given out whitelist spots for 20 Farmer Nodes and 5 Soldier Nodes. These have been selected from the most active in our community to ensure fairness and loyalty are rewarded. We will continue to offer our community the best possible opportunities to invest in our project from the outset, as we value their trust and confidence to deliver.
If you haven't already, please join our discord and read through the literature.
Osiris team

1.0 Update - Private Sale Announcement

Release Date: February 27, 2022
Private sale node prices:
Price (per node)
1 ) Farmer
2) Soldier
3) Noble
4) Pharaoh
  • 28% fee on claim.
  • 4% fee on compound.
  • 10% rewards sell limit every 24 hours at any time per wallet.
  • 0% fee on creating node.
  • 0% fee for node maintenance.
We will update the community here, on discord and telegram of any new presale information. Please be sure to join the community!